QuickStraightTeeth™ is designed for use by general dentists.  We only use the very best, gold standard products to ensure the best outcome for our dentists and their patients.

So how does it work?

1Intraoral photographs are taken and submitted to our online forum to confirm if the case is suitable

2A full orthodontic assessment is completed

3Our specialists can then advise on the case using our online forum

4Send impressions and bite to the QST Laboratory

5We send back an indirect bonding tray with the brackets in the correct positions

6You apply 3M self-etch prime to the teeth, 3M transbond composite to the back of the brackets, seat the trays and cure in place

7Peel off the trays, place the first archwire and arrange 4 weekly adjustments

8Once the teeth are aligned, place fixed and removable retainers and remove the appliances

9Monitor retention